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How to Accurately Differentiate Green and Blue Hydrogen

In July 2021, Baker Botts attorneys raised the issue of verification of green and blue hydrogen and recognized the need for a framework to verify production methods:

"In the meantime, buyers and sellers will be responsible for developing their own contractual certification and verification mechanisms, in order to provide assurance as to the blue or green attributes of the hydrogen supplied."

The launch of Clean Incentive's ESG data platform and blockchain technology in 2022 answered this need.

We provide the ideal solution for accurately differentiating Green and Blue Hydrogen, delivering:

  • Comprehensive tracking and tracing of Hydrogen production methods

  • An immutable record to prove ESG claims

  • Digital assets that enable the trading of "green" or "blue" attributes independently of the fungible hydrogen molecules (in the same manner as renewable energy credits are traded in electricity markets)

  • Access to demand from ESG-conscious investors

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