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Bitcoin Emissions

Finally, institutions can allocate to Bitcoin that is ESG compliant. By supporting Bitcoin miners who use renewable energy sources, investors contribute to the decarbonization of the Bitcoin mining industry, creating a more sustainable future.

Investing in
Clean Bitcoin

Certificates are held securely as an NFT asset on our platform. 

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ESG Compliant

Clean Bitcoin Certificates enable institutional investors to adhere to their ESG mandates while investing in Bitcoin. By purchasing certificates tied to Bitcoin produced with renewable energy or lower emissions, investors can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and responsible investing practices.

Portfolio Asset

Unlike some environmental instruments that may be treated as a fee, Clean Bitcoin Certificates are a tradeable asset if a fund intends to reduce their allocation. This allows investors and fund managers to better align their environmental goals with their financial objectives without creating a drag on performance.

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Accurate Offset

Certificates are based on energy audits of operating data centers, providing an accurate and transparent assessment of the energy use and carbon impact of Bitcoin production. In contrast, without energy audits, investors using RECs and carbon credits often rely on top-down estimates, which can be less precise and may not accurately reflect the actual emissions associated with specific mining operations.

Collections Available

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Ocean Falls Blockchain
Collection #1

Items in Collection: 139

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Coming Soon!

Ocean Falls Blockchain
Collection #2

Items in Collection: TBD

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Coming Soon!

Ocean Falls Blockchain
Collection #3

Items in Collection: TBD


The dashboard reads on-chain data from the blockchain, allowing investors to explore the environmental attributes of the certificates, compare options, and make informed choices based on their ESG preferences.

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Bitcoin Emissions Certificates enable institutional investors to make a positive environmental impact while investing in Bitcoin. Our partnership with Clean Incentive is a testament to the growing demand for sustainable investment options.

- Kevin Day
CEO of Ocean Falls Blockchain

The Certificate Cycle

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Clean Incentive is helping to drive the transition to a cleaner, more sustainable future for the entire Bitcoin mining industry.

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