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Clean Incentive Announces Transaction with PM Squared Financial for Bitcoin Emissions Certificates

Clean Incentive is pleased to share a strategic partnership with Texas-based advisory firm PM Squared Financial, to offer Bitcoin Emissions Certificates to clients concerned about the environmental impact of Bitcoin. Phil Stanley of PM Squared, announced the partnership with Clean Incentive is aimed at expanding access to Bitcoin for investors who want to support Bitcoin mining from renewable energy sources or reducing methane emissions. 

 "We want to meet clients where they are and more clients are now taking into account the environmental impact of their investments. Our strategic partnership with Clean Incentive empowers clients to invest in line with their environmental values," said Phil Stanley, Principal of PM Squared. 

PM Squared provides a distinct family office approach to its clients by offering not only conventional investment options but also possibilities for cryptocurrency investment, options trading, and private equity offerings. The partnership with Clean Incentive coincides with the recent approval by the SEC of 11 Bitcoin exchange-traded funds, which have attracted billions of dollars in asset flows in the first week of trading.  

“Clean Incentive remains committed to leading the charge in verifying the carbon impact of commodities across multiple sectors, including Bitcoin,” noted Casey Martinez, CEO of Clean Incentive. “This transaction is a testament to our ongoing efforts to develop innovative products that meet the needs of both the market and the environment.” 

For more information about Clean Incentive, our Bitcoin Emissions Certificates, and our commitment to sustainability, please visit Institutions can also join the waitlist to access our beta platform.

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