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Responsibly Sourced
Natural Gas

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All natural gas molecules are the same but their environmental impact are not.

Buyers are demanding differentiated gas molecules and to know the carbon footprint of their gas supply chain.

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Responsibly-Sourced Natural Gas (RSG) is worth more.

Responsibly-Sourced Natural Gas (RSG) is natural gas that has been certified to have been produced with methane mitigation (certified low-methane gas) as well as other best practices to minimize other environmental and community impacts. With digital certificates, ESG attributes can "follow" responsibly-sourced natural gas even after it is commingled with other gas molecules downstream, so it can be sold at a premium.

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Responsibly Sourced Gas


We partner with methane monitoring service providers to translate their audits into tradable digital certificates so the valuable ESG attributes of RSG are not lost when the RSG is commingled with other natural gas molecules downstream.


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