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Define and achieve your climate and sustainability goals.

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Our core offerings

We specialize in helping businesses embrace sustainability, navigate the complexities of environmental regulations, and unlock the potential for lasting environmental impact.

ESG strategy

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Collaboration with experienced environmental consultants  ensures your project's success in navigating complexities and optimizing outcomes.

Carbon Credits

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Comprehensive sustainability reporting services, providing  accurate and transparent assessments of  environmental performance, along with insightful case studies that highlight successful sustainability initiatives and best practices.

Sustainability Reporting

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Case study:


Our sustainability report showcases the remarkable journey of an off-grid data center powered by hydro energy, illustrating how our comprehensive sustainability approach maximizes environmental benefits while enabling resilient and efficient operations. Frameworks include GHG Protocol, GRI, SASB and TCFD

The sustainability report created by Clean Incentive has been instrumental in showcasing our commitment to environmental stewardship. It not only highlights the positive impact of our off-grid data center powered by hydro energy but also demonstrates our dedication to transparency, sustainability, and long-term value creation.

-  Kevin Day

CEO Ocean Falls Blockchain

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