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Clean Incentive Announces Partnership with Ocean Falls Blockchain

Clean Incentive is pleased to announce our partnership with Ocean Falls Blockchain, a Canadian blockchain technology company operating 100% renewable energy-powered digital asset mining facilities, and developing user-friendly Web3 applications. “We are excited to validate the use of clean energy at Ocean Falls and help them capture a premium for their bitcoin production,” noted Casey Martinez, founder and CEO of Clean Incentive. “Our partnership helps investors gain access to carbon-neutral bitcoin and helps the mining industry highlight the support it provides for stranded renewable projects.”

“Clean Bitcoin Certificates provide a level of bottom-up traceability that will benefit both investors and the greater Bitcoin network,” added Oded Orgil, CEO of Ocean Falls Blockchain.

According to a new survey of 122 asset managers and 232 strategies from around the globe, Redington found that 98% of managers of all asset classes now have an ESG policy and 70% have hired dedicated ESG staff. Climate was a top factor for most managers, with 87% integrating climate into their investment processes.

About Clean Incentive Clean Incentive works across a network of clean energy Bitcoin miners to collect, validate and tokenize mining data on the blockchain. Pending rigorous audits through independent accounting firms, miners are rewarded and incentivized for responsible environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices through market-based incentives. Clean Incentive’s proprietary data platform and blockchain technology translate the use of clean energy in Bitcoin mining into Clean Bitcoin Certificates. Certificates will be available to institutional investors beginning Q1 2023. Learn more at About Ocean Falls Ocean Falls Blockchain (OFB) is a unified blockchain technology company encompassing an array of assets and intellectual property including a bitcoin mining operation located in the historic paper mill town of Ocean Falls located on the central coast of British Columbia. OFB plans to expand on, develop and acquire a portfolio of blockchain technology applications in addition to generating foundation revenues from its bitcoin mining operations.

Contact us to learn more: contact@cleanincentive.comom

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